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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  July 12, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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well, new this morning police are investigating a double homicide in the fair hill neighborhood we will tell what you we're learning about the victims this morning. and a search for four missing men in bucks county, continues this morning as authorities comb through a nine on acre property, latest developments on who investigators are calling a person of interest. after days of a nationwide headlines, donald trump, junior has spoken publicly about the meeting he had with the russian lawyer, we will hear his explanation and find out who is taking over the investigation. today is wednesday july 12th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. busy news day. lets check the forecast with the forecast with katie and road with meisha. >> yes, happy news day, not so
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much in news because lot of traffic a lieutenant of construction. that is all i got for you. >> well, more of the same over here. just more of the same. more heat, humidity and renewed potential for showers and storms which will be pretty spotty. if you are out later today i think toward evening time we have best chance to see those storms popping up but most of the day is just, sultry, jim. >> sultry. >> indeed. i got to start coming up with new adjectives, day after day, it is hot and humid. how many ways can you say. that so for now storm scan is quiet, there are some cloud out there, generally still seeing, some clear skies, through that cloud deck, but regardless it is very, very warm. now, excessive heat watch will take effect, today is no picnic but tomorrow is when we start to feel the war of the oppressiveness that will be coming along with the heat and humidity. we will talk about that throughout the course of the show but just know that is
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something we will discuss, in the meantime look at your current temperature. yeah, it is really warm outside, so meisha we can only go up from here, we might drop off another degree or two or three before the sun comes up but it is a hot one. ninety-two is the call for daytime high. it might feel as hot as at lee 100 degrees. another brutal day with that heat and humidity. >> funny as i was driving in the station around 3:00 i looked and it says 83. i said wow, already at 3:00 o'clock in the morning. >> thanks so much earnings katie. it is dark and early and we have closures. vine street expressway is closed overnight construction between schuylkill and broad and west and eastbound looking quiet as soon as crews move out on the way on the vine, that hangs up a lot of people. construction 422 taillights moving between first avenue and, route 23, and, left lane, left lane is block there so it will slow you down, probably not but at 5:00 o'clock hour
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that is when we will start to move out of the way. ninety-five south between scudder falls bridge and new hope left lane compromised for some construction as well, and you can see penndot moving around, that camera. construction on the walt whitman bridge, eastbound, two lanes are affected here, still traveling clearly around, the posted speed, but it will slow down. ninety-five south between the 25 and route 141, lane closures there and i-95 northbound closed your alternate will be, 295, back to you. police are investigating shooting death of two women in north philadelphia's fair hill section. >> officers covered up a ready to yet a pickup truck where they found both woman with gunshot wound, this happened on the 3,000 block of north lawrence street, just after midnight, police say truck's engine was still running when they arrived. >> it appears that the shooters fired multiple shots into the passenger side, and,
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front door, some witnesses say , both shooters were in the vehicle when they fired shots so it is possibly a drive by. >> police have not made any arrest but they are checking nearby surveillance videos. extensive search for four young men in bucks county intensifies around a property in solebury township that property is own by family of the man police are calling a person of interest, in the case, "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live near police staging area in solebury township with the latest developments, good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim, that person of interest is 20 year-old cosmo dinardo, he was arrested on monday, on unrelated weapons charges but was failed out last night by his family. authorities have been searching his family's farm down the road from here for second full day lot the scene on tuesday, dozens of local, state and federal
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investigators spent a day >> matt winetaubb says the extensive search has not found any, human remains, and that he is hopeful that the men will be found alive, he also vaguely addressed, why the focus is on dinardo. >> there are some very obvious links, i have to see the obvious links you know his parents own the property there is information that i'm privy too that i cannot share with you. i want to be very careful to stress that he is a person of interest and has not been charged or arrested with respect to any of the missing four young men at this time. >> reporter: last night we did reach out, to dinardo's
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attorney thomas parlow who is confirmed that he is still representing him but had no further comment. sources tell us that the family reached out to criminal defense attorney fortune perry for representation. we're live from solebury township i'm trang do for cbs-3 eyewitness news, rahel and jim, back to you. and as the search for these missing men continues, we are learning more about the person of interest. only person of ninth this days so far cosmo dinardo was released around 7:00 last night. he was held on firearms charge unrelated and released on 10 percent of one million-dollar bail. cbs-3 spoke to the friend of dinardo who asked to remain, and, quad accident and hit his head and stranded for a day or so with the brain bleed. now meanwhile "eyewitness news",.
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>> it is really shocking, i grew up with the kid, and crazy, another thing that doesn't make any sense. >> we don't know any of the other guys. hung out with him. >> and, dinardo's friend also says he was never known to be violent. keep it right here on cbs-3 for latest developments in the search for four missing men. you can follow us on cbs eighteen members of the now defunct penn state fraternity are now expected back in court in august, related to the death of pledge timothy piazza. preliminary hearing continues yesterday north of the state college, judge was expected to decide, if there was enough evidence to go to trial but now hearing will continue next month. piazza's parents were in the courtroom all day, they only stepped out when lawyers played a video of, showing their 19 year-old son's final moments in the frat house. >> they will not sleep until justice is done for their son, if that means coming to one
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trial or 18 trials, they are going to do it. >> investigators say piazza died after a night of heavy drinking, 18 ex-fraternity members are facing charges ranging from involuntary man slaught tore reckless endangerment. happening today, sentencing foreman prosecutors called the master mind of the george washington bridge closing scheme. former port authority offerings david wildstein face s up to 27 months in prison but defense attorneys and prosecutors are asking for probation. the bridge closing plot involves closing traffic lanes to cause traffic jams in the town of fort lee, new jersey, after the marry fuse todd endorse governor chris christie for reelection. search is on for group of vandals who ransack a bowling alley run by a local church, the suspects are teens, caught on camera at saint monica's in south philadelphia over weekend. in addition to causing damage officials say vandals found the key to the change machine and then stole $1,500, anyone with any information about
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this crime is asked to call philadelphia police. and, donald trump junior defending his meeting with the russian lawyer after releasing a string of highly controversial e-mails. president's oldest son sat down with sean handty on "fox news" last night and told host his meeting last year was quote, a wasted of 20 minutes. trump junior posted a e-mail with music public list rob goldstone earlier yesterday and told goldstone facilitated a meeting between lawyer and trump junior. president's son insisted did he nothing wrong but some lawmakers disagree. >> this is before the russia mania and they were building it up in the press. for me this was opposition research. >> most problematic thing i have heard so far. >> this is moving into per injury i, false statements and even into potentially treason. >> cbs news has confirmed special counsel robert muhler is expect to look into the meeting and e-mails as part of his overall investigation. meantime, senators are canceling their first two weeks of their august vacation
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to finish work on the health care reform bill and other items. senate was originally supposed to vote on the republican plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act by july 1st, july 4th i should say, majority leader decided to delay that vote so plans could be revived in a effort to gain more support. fbi will continue operating out of the deteriorating headquarters in washington d.c., the federal government announced yesterday that it had scrapped a decade 's long search, for a new building in maryland or pennsylvania. the hoover building on pennsylvania avenue has served as headquarters for more than 40 years which is far too long for such a critical department /agency. >> current fbi building has deteriorated and cannot protect it in its present location. they do need to move. >> reality of the building from the early 70's currently the fbi headquarters, you know , it is totally antiquated from a technology standpoint. >> officials say that the proposed billion dollar
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relocation plan was under funded by nearly 900 million-dollar. well, if you are flying out this morning be prepared for picket lines at philadelphia international airport. >> hundreds of the workers announced they plan to strike. picket lines at phl begin at 11:30 a.m. airport workers, went on strike last night, workers say they have been trying to negotiate with employer prime flex for months over issues including wages, so far prime flight has not responded to the strike. is there much more to cover on "eyewitness news", warning down the shore dangerous at them just washed up on the beach. plus... >> they were screaming, trying , that they were stung and could in the go anywhere. >> caught in the rip current and unable to get out self less act of strange their led to the rescue in the ocean. we are back in two
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fell 20,000 feet in royal mississippi crashing north of jackson monday afternoon. all 15 marines and one sailor on board died. sailor and six marines were part of the squad, heading to arizona for training. the plane suffered a catastrophic failure, sometime after leaving from north carolina officials have not yet released the victim's names. or calling a water rescue a true act of heroism in panama city beach, florida. strangers on the beach formed a humane chain to save two young boys who were swept out to sea by a rip current. mother of the eight and 11 year-old is grateful that the folks jumped in to action and they tried to help in the rescued, suffered a heart attack during the ordeal, she's recovering in the hospital. an alert this morning for swimmers, venomous creature from the ocean has turned up on the sand of long beach
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island. >> take a closer look at harvey cedars beach patrol, these photos got portuguese manowar and was found on friday morning in the beach in harvey cedars. thinks known for painful stink and long tentacles, and it is unclear if more might surface on the beach in the coming days. well, this should be fun, final preparations are being made for a big bash on the beach in atlantic city. doyletown native pink, i love her is performing in the first of three summer concerts on the beach. workers spent the day setting stage for the show, gate open up at 5:00. because it is going to be so hot later today, kate haze been talking about this all week you are allowed to bring in one sealed water bottle or container for water. 4:45. >> katie has another check of the forecast. i guess right on coup, very hot, about to be very hot today. >> oh, yes, today will be just one of two additional days that we will end up finding incredibly uncomfortable for you. waking up with us and postal
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worker you are a landscaper, you have to be out in this, in other word, i want you to prepare by bringing extra hydration with you. water is beverage of choice here and take frequent breaks because this will be one of the days and especially tomorrow that is incredibly uncomfortable for you. excessive heat watch does not go into effect tomorrow but today is brutal. but storm scan is quiet, we will notice a batch of showers working its way across the west virginia to virginia border here but wider zoom we will still see pretty heavy thunderstorms and soaking rain in the parts of the great lakes region. this will survive as it rolls our way and we are under influence of the high pressure this is a classic set up where showers or storms pop up in the second half of the day. there may be something to spot on the radar coming up upon the noon show here and "eyewitness news" but mainly tonight, and toward evening, as sunsets and these storms get underway, these are heavy storms, and they are likely to
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happen north of philadelphia anyone is fair game but prone from philly on north to have these pockets of locally soaking heavy thunderstorms. tomorrow we will catch a break but there is more shower and more thunderstorm activity to dodge here in the second half tomorrow as well. so that pattern remains essentially consistent but look at the future feels liken by 9:00 this morning it feels like it is flirting with or 90 . factor in that humidity this is brutal stuff, guys, feeling close to the century mark. i will be shocked if we hit triple digit territory for that feels like factoring in the dew point that we have and it gets worse tomorrow, it will feel as hot as 105. >> look at all that red, oh, no, it will be so hot. that can be dangerous too just bring your water in your vehicles with you, that is what i would suggest. we were closed east and westbound, you can see it is opening up westbound, you are cleared, and eastbound side is starting to open upright now.
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then we are looking at, construction on 422, taillights westbound between first avenue and route 23, left lane is compromised with flashing lights, and you can also see, not so much getting busy but it is certainly starting to pick up levels now approaching the 5:00 o'clock hour. head up, this will slow you down see your friends putting on breaks already so dark and early but putting on your breaks in that area. ninety-five south between scudder falls bridge and new hope left lane compromised. here head up construction crew s are still out there and when it is dark take it easy, it is hard to see when they are out of their vehicles if they are working outside their vehicles. walt whitman bridge eastbound we have construction as well, two lanes compromised good news showing green showing us we are still traveling as we should be around that area and two-point of construction in delaware 95 south between the 25 and 141 intermittent lane closures your alternate will be 295. jim and rahel, back to you.
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thanks, meisha. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning takata expand its air bag recall. >> find out how much and what
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is an expeely... t m
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welcome back, everyone. to cat ace adding 3 million more air bags to the largest automotive recall in u.s. history. >> japanese company say a chemical drying agent could cause driver side air bags to rupture. faulty inflators which can blast shrapnel in the back of the drivers and passenger resulted in the recall of 10s of millions of vehicles. they have been linked to a dozen deaths around the world. time is 4:51. time for business news. >> roxana saberi joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning, roxanne. federal regulators accused co of misleading customers what is that all about. >> reporter: that is right, federal trade commission says benjamin moore and three other co agreed to settle charges, they mislead customers about how safe their paints are.
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ftc says the co made unsubstantiated claims that their paint were emission free and safe for babies, pregnant woman and people with allergies. ftc says some paint chemicals can be harmful to the environment and people. benjamin moore, color house, i pp construction and imperial paints to correct their ads immediately. jim and rahel. >> so roxana i understand chipotle may get new items on the menu. so what is this all about. >> reporter: yes, burrito chain is testing melted cheese dipping sauce, yum, it has never been on the chipotle menu but it is available at a test restaurant in insuring or people can try salad topped with avocado citrus dressing and frozen margaritas, both with, and without tequilla, jim and rahel. >> now that, i like my chipotle, even at 4:50 something in the morning. my goodness. margarita. >> yes. >> i wonder if you get carded
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going in to chipotle. >> they will need a liquor license. >> yes, right. >> i know jim and i look very young, and youthful but we have not had a problem like that in a very long time. >> carded at chipotle, oh, boy >> thanks, we will see you in the next hour. coming up after the break we will get another break of weather and traffic. plus it sounds like a joke but not, walking to the liquor store how employees managed to get the animal out. >> wine color. >> she must be related to you, then. >> very steamy conditions, folks, today is hot but it is not as hot as it is about to get. we will walk through this pattern and tell you how hot it will feel and when can we break away from this unsettled pattern, the answer on the
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lysol. what it takes to protect. welcome back everyone. today as well as tomorrow will end up being very steamy days but there are many ways to
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describe these days sultry is a fan favorite of jim donovan, i know, steamy is one i tend to go to. but you can say oppressive, insufferable, we're talking really uncomfortable stuff here. lets look at storm scan three all is calm at this hour we will see showers off to the southwest and that is our story later today and toward evening so we could see heavier storms but tomorrow is hottest, 97 where it is close with the record but more importantly it feels like 105 at peak of the day, most wet day still looks to be friday, and then we will clear it out for all and all a pretty nice looking weekend. >> at lee weekend is salvaged, thanks very much. >> we are looking outside, still early, nice dry roadways for you we know it will be another very hot day. ben franklin bridge looking great, in new jersey, traveling in the westbound direction toward center city looking good, great company there we have construction on 422. taillights moving in the westbound direction between first avenue and route 23.
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left lane compromised because of construction crews, they have now moved on out of the way so we are looking good on 422. we have construction out there on the walt whitman bridge for those taking the bridge eastbound direction two lanes compromised there, jim, back over to you. well, caught on camera a deer walks in the liquor store >> take a look at this surveillance video from apple ton wisconsin. deer runs up to the automatic doors, makes his way inside, employees caroled him ushering out of the emergency exit, no one was hurt. >> you have to watch those deer. >> looking for his wine coolers. young boy in texas is getting a chance to experience a childhood like other young boys thanks to 3-d printing. >> an eight year-old receiving a brand new prosthetic arm. things get out offhanded when a barbecue lead to a big fire, hear how a, stake led to homes being evacuated, that is when "eyewitness news"
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well, new this morning police are investigating after two women were shot sitting in the pickup truck, we will tell what you police know, so far as they search for a killer. also, the search continues for four missing men, place where investigators are focusing their efforts. hundreds of workers, walk off the job at philadelphia international airport, we will tell what you they are demanding. well to day is wednesday, july m jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this wednesday morning. >> happy wednesday, in the world of travel is there nothing to talk about other than construction. >> yes. >> i mean, yes. >>ck


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